Under Sink Kitchen Water Filter

Why Get a San Antonio Water Filtration System from The Water Doctor?

Having quality and safe water to use and drink is our number one priority for our customers here at The Water Doctor. To do so we,  recommended to invest in a whole house water filter.

A whole house water filter in San Antonio is an important investment compared to many other water filters and in the long term you’re better off with this type of filtering system. Here are some heavy metals, chemicals, and other issues that we address when you install a water filter from The Water Doctor:

  • Fluoride, Radioactive Particles, Arsenic, Hexavalent Chromium, Lead, Mercury and all other heavy metals 
  • Treatment of Chlorine, Chloramines, and Disinfection By-Products (DBPs)
  • Herbicides and pesticides 
  • Bacteria, cyst, viruses
  • Other water filter systems can leave you vulnerable to some level of harmful contamination
  • Reduce Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals
  • Boosts Detoxification
  • It is proved that proper hydration greatly improves health; but what good is it to consume water which comprises the most toxins that you would like to eliminate? Doesn’t it make sense to consume water of the highest potential payoff?  Get in touch with The Water Doctor today to install your water filter in your home.

Save Money with our San Antonio Water Filter Company

An investment in a water filter system will still continue to pay dividends for decades. With yearly maintenance of ~ $110.00, your water filtration system will pay for itself many times over while offering a superior level of payoff. Assess the high cost of bottled or delivered water into pennies per glass to get ultra-pure water and you’ll soon know any platform that can’t ensure total contaminant elimination is a pricey compromise.

You can, naturally, find more affordable less powerful strategies, however, ask yourself this question: Do you need a system which allows you and your family to continue to absorb contamination; or one which eliminates every contaminant into the very best potential capacity? 

Pure, Great-Tasting Water
For Drinking and Cooking
Clean Water

New & Improved Water Filter Designs

  • Pure, Good Tasting, Water Consistently Accessible
  • No Heavy Lifting & No Bottles to Store, reunite, or Throw Off
  • Pays for Itself in Less Than Two Years
  • Countertop, Portable, and Under-Sink Models
  • Gives Decades of Trouble Free Service
  • Effortless to Install, Even Easier to Maintain

We respect you and will not subject you to magical claims or mysterious pseudo-science. Sadly, there are a range of unscrupulous profiteers in this industry who’ll say just about whatever to catch a sale. We pride ourselves on accurate, factual, and verifiable benefits, and we do not utilize pseudo-scientific provisions to describe our procedure. We test our systems continuously; we can describe the criteria, how they have been developed, how they’re tested, the types of instruments used, etc.,. We don’t attempt to conceal, mislead, or mystify the procedure. 

If you’re looking for clean water look for The Water Doctor. Bringing truly clean water filtration systems to San Antonio. We’re confident as soon as you’ve examined and compared our systems you will know the choice is clear –choose The Water Doctor. 

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